About Richard Zschech

I am a Software Engineer currently working for Causes.com

Previously I worked for a small Adelaide company, Velocity Systems International.
My work involves developing platforms for integrating foreign exchange trading systems between large financial institutions including Deutsche Bank, Reuters, Merrill Lynch, and Cantor Fitzgerald to name a few.

I've done work for another small Adelaide company, m.Net Corporation.
I was working on a social networking application for the mobile phone platform.
Previously I built a voting system to handle SMS and IVR votes for Dancing with the Stars and It Takes Two.
Before that my work involved intergrating a ring back tone platform developed by WiderThan with Telstra's systems. The platform has now launched as Caller Tones.

Before that I worked for for a small U.K. company, Open Plan Solutions. My work there included the design and implementation of a versioned, transactional, xml-based, distributed data store; the development of an application including the implementation of xml processing system incorporating XSLT, XQuery and XML Schema; and the incorporation of many xml based renderers such as XHMTL, SVG, XSL-FO, XForms.

I graduated with Honours in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide in 2000.

Before that my work includes developing numerous small databases for small organizations.

For those that are interested here's my résumé also available in PDF and my honours thesis.